Feuerhand Grill Insert for Pyron Plate

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The Feuerhand Grill Insert expands the Pyron Plate to an even more versatile grilling and cooking station for convivial hours when grilling in the garden. The insert is made in Germany and fits exactly into the opening in the middle of the Pyron Plate as well as onto the Cooking Support. As a mini grilling grate, it ensures that steaks, vegetable skewers or fish fillets are grilled in the middle with direct fire contact over the highest heat and that the characteristic grill stripes appear on the food.

The oiled mini grilling grate has a high-quality finish, furnished with the Feuerhand logo and is made to fit the Pyron Plate perfectly. It thus keeps your food in place ensuring that it stays on the Griddle Plate. When the fire in the Pyron Pire Barrel has burnt down well, thanks to the efficient secondary combustion principle, you can simply remove the Grill Insert using barbecue tongs to add firewood. The Grill Insert for the Pyron Plate is the extension for your Feuerhand Griddle Plate to grill directly over the fire on a grilling grate, while at the same time enjoying the full benefits of plancha grilling. This turns a cosy evening with friends into a special moment with perfectly grilled treats from the Griddle Plate for every taste.


  • Mini grilling grate for grill stripes on meat, vegetables or bread through direct fire contact
  • Exact fit for the opening in the Pyron Plate and for the Pyron Plate Cooking Support
  • food stays safely on the Pyron Plate
  • after removing the Grill Insert, you can simply restack the Pyron with firewood
  • high quality workmanship and made in Germany
  • Pyron Plate not included.

Technical details:

Material: Steel, oiled
Diameter (approx.): 15.1 cm
Height (approx.):  1.2 cm
Weight (approx.): 331 g

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